Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Review: Theodora Twist by Melissa Senate

goodreads review: “I’m going to have to come up with something really good to get you back into the public’s good graces. I have no idea what, but trust me. I’ll think of something.”

Well that’s what Theodora pays her agent $100,000 a year for, isn’t it? Theodora Twist is the girl everyone wants to be. She’s Hollywood’s hottest young actress. Producers court her, fans mob her, and the tabloids cover everything.

Emilys life is Boring with a capital B. She’s a 16-year-old nobody to everyone, including her own mother. The only thing remotely interesting about Emily? She lives in Theodora Twist’s former house. But she’s about to get Twisted.

How? On a reality show meant to clean up Theodora’s party girl rep—with Emily’s family as host. It’s just another role for Theodora. Emily is in panic mode. This isn’t just a part . . . it’s her life.

my review: At first, I thought this book was the typical cliche: snobbish celebrity teen turns normal and unknown girl rises to fame and popularity and doesn't know who she is anymore. I was half right.

Theodora's point of view at first was at first almost unbearable, but then it grew on me. I enjoyed reading Emily's point of view throughout and was glad that she remained sensible from beginning to end.

It's a quick, enjoyable read and I was happy with it. It touches on the deaths of both Theodora's and Emily's parents, issues teen face when dealing with prom dates, and how to handle fame. I think readers are able to relate to Emily's character. She's the nobody in the school, and even people in her on class don't know who she is. She only has two best friends, a one-year-old younger stepsister and a new stepfather she's not too crazy about.

Overall, for what it is as a quick read, Young Adult novel, I give it a 5/5.


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