Thursday, May 17, 2012

Florence + the Machine. Or, a post on music to listen to while writing.

I love listening to music while I write. When I first started, I needed complete silence and perfect conditions. A fluffed pillow. A comfortable bed. A warm laptop (not too hot) balancing on my lap while I type away on the keyboard. In the olden days, a college-ruled spiral-bound notebook with pages that were pre-approved. Yes, I have rejected journals based on the quality of the paper. If it didn't pass the finger stroke test, it was a resigned rejection. Wide-ruled? Form rejection.

Writing is a personal subject. You can't share your thoughts while you write - it tends to only make sense to you. You, as a writer, need to sort through the tangled branches of your thoughts until you wind up at the root of your idea.

I find that music helps me do this. Untangle my thoughts, much like coiled necklaces. Honestly, there must be some love story I'm missing because each time I take it from the jewelry box it's like I'm a surgeon.

I'm always thrilled whenever I find a new musician I really like. Thank goodness for  Pandora. I've found quite a few gems that way. Two Door Cinema Club, anyone?

Anyway, my initial band I liked was Daft Punk. Still great, but there's been a change. A welcome addition called ...

Florence + the Machine. Uh-may-zing. Yes, spelling it out in an obnoxious manner was completely necessary. Although, this  music video is a little out there for me, but still good, nonetheless.

Do you like listening to music while you write?

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